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Matson & Associates (M&A) is an environmental forensics and consulting firm. Dr. Matson founded M&A to provide expert witnessing and consulting services to attorneys on environmental contamination cases. He has given testimony in over 100 cases and has worked in the profession for nearly 40 years. M&A has worked on behalf of community groups and corporations; municipalities and individuals. Because we’ve accrued a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field, we created this course to assist others in becoming successful expert witnesses.

Effective Expert Witnessing Short Course

Effective Expert Witnessing
Short Course Index:

Lesson 1:
The Role of an Expert Witness

Lesson 2:
The Legal Process

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:
Legal Precedents and Expert Testimony

Lesson 5:
The Expert Report

Lesson 6:
The Deposition

Lesson 7:
The Trial - Part 1: Pretrial Preparation & Trial Knowledge

Lesson 8:
The Trial - Part 2: Giving Testimony & Understanding the Jury

Closing Remarks

This Effective Expert Witnessing online short course is designed to answer a variety of questions an expert might have including:  What qualifies you to be an expert? How is the information for the basis of your opinion compiled? How should you prepare for and what should you be aware of prior to giving your deposition? How can you deliver captivating, memorable, and effective testimony at trial? What must you know prior to entering the field of expert witnessing?

This short course is designed to provide both the seasoned expert and those looking to test the waters of expert witnessing a clear path toward successful navigation of a complex legal world. This course is applicable for experts in a wide range of disciplines, such as engineering, forensics, mathematics, life sciences, and physical sciences. Participants will gain a better understanding of the qualifications needed to become an expert, the legal framework governing expert credibility and the formation of expert opinions, and helpful strategies for preparing an expert report. In addition, the course will cover advanced techniques that can be used to by experts to deliver effective testimony at deposition and trial.

The Effective Expert Witnessing short course presents advice for successful expert preparation throughout the process starting with being retained by an attorney through the courtroom drama. The self-paced course features expert witnesses, consultants and an attorney with a wide range of knowledge and skills in how to navigate all aspects of a case. In addition, the course includes tips on how to survive Daubert challenges and explores the psychology of jury trials. The eight lessons consist of a mix of slides and videos. Each lesson ends with a quiz that provides the participant a chance to demonstrate his or her knowledge of the course material. Participants that complete the lessons and quizzes will receive a certificate indicating completion of the course that can be used for obtaining continuing education credits.